Pants on fire

One of the most complicated facts as you awaken from any trauma, misplacement, or induced coma in life is that you begin to understand the misplacements and conjugated lies you have filled your life within different avenues.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

The challenge with most humans is that we like to shapeshift. As I wrote in the blog post, “You can’t defeat your demons if you are enjoying their company,” we come to this point that we can no longer fake it till we make it.

In many areas, we have been taught to fake it till we make and it has become the stone we carry on our backs. From the persona, we sell on social media to the kind of lunches we take to school, or the people we hang out with after work for happy hour. We create environments that shelter looking into the clouded mirror of what is going on.

Sadly, the new age movement crowns mindfulness and awareness as some magical pill, and then we add on the cape of gratefulness on top of that to stop the feeling from coming through the veil. We have developed a feel-good narcotic that helps us keep the pain away. We hide, and frankly, we are doing what the kids used to tease about in school. **hums* Liar, liar, pants on fire.

I have had to pause again in the last few months to check myself. I have had to break other people to as they came to me for their sessions about the possible lies they may be feeding themselves. It has spread faster than any flu I have ever seen, and sadly, it has gone under the radar undetected due to the massive stimulation we are always under in our modern world.

While it would be easy for me to place blame and name some big names as to who or what was causing these types of issues, the big thing is clear, and that is that 1) Most of us are asleep at the wheel of our lives and 2) Most of us justify why we do it.

I take an open way of approaching life and its meaning at this point. In many ways, I have had the good Lord allow some pretty massive storms to cross my path. Most of us think that storms only bring death and destruction, and in some sense, it does, but it also brings clarity and renewal potential.

The magic question I would like to pose to you today is this “What areas in your life are you lying to yourself about?”

Yes, maybe you have that big car, or a nice house, or beautiful kids, or even a large bank account, but are you genuinely living, or are you just passing the time until it is your time to go?

I had to pause to ask myself those same questions. They have not been pleasant or comfortable. I had to end relationships, leave positions that I did not enjoy, and have often come to be on an island sorting through the lies I fed myself. Bringing the quote from Mark Twain into visibility a bit more every day, “If you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

I hope you take some time to do the same this week.

With love,




A man learning everything he can about the human condition so he can help others find their way in their lives.

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