Lessons from the beating heart

Often I write about awareness and how it is critical to the human existence to grow it daily. The sad fact, however, is that we have an override switch when we begin to trust, love and gain affection for someone, something or someplace and we turn awareness down. This will often get us in trouble way beyond our perceptions. If vision moving forward is 20/20 then hindsight’s recognition is 20/10.

Physiologically we are wired for survival situations, and no matter if we are well adapted or poorly adapted the alarm goes off when danger occurs, and chemicals begin to flow. Now at those points, we are either in a fight, getting out of town or frozen and get eaten by the physical or mental T-Rex in the room. Again, when we fall into a place of comfort and poor awareness practices, we have a hard time activating that network to work effectively and miss the plot.

It is why that quote from the series House M.D., caught my eye. Among the other reasons are that I am seeing so much heartbreak around me and have experienced so much in my own life. I am far from perfect, in fact, I am flawed in many ways, and this last time through the toilet I realized a few aspects that I had sacrificed, which should not have been but were dampening my awareness. Energy is vital, and if we misdirect it, we burn it in the wrong places and become the deer in the headlights and the meal of the next T-Rex we stumble upon in life.

What I have had to do is return to the basics of my evolution and become more aware of the holes I had poked in my boat from the start. It’s easy in any relationship or situation to blame others. You could have that crappy boss or that terrible on again off again relationship, however, the most common ingredient in all of that is you.

My teacher, a great doctor, told me this way back in 2013 when I was studying a new technique, and it has stayed with me to this day. The amount of awareness that it takes to realize that our focus has been off is a huge wakeup call. One that will show you what needs to be done next or at least point out what you brought forward that was not very useful.

What have I gained every time I got out of the toilet of emotion and cleaned myself off? Clarity.

The equation for effectiveness is clarity+focus=growth demonstrates that our ability to endure is the strongest asset in our lives. No matter what has happened, no matter how bad you are hurt, no matter where you are right now; you are the only one who determines the next step forward.

Today my friends I want you to consider the breaks you’ve had walking life’s path. It doesn’t matter if the teacher told you that you never be anything. It doesn’t matter if you were bullied. It doesn’t matter if you fell on your face in the mud and have no one to help you up. Right now you have the opportunity to be aware, to focus, to shift a level, change your course and continue being great. That my friends are a choice and one we choose every day, every day you pitch your tents and march forward towards your goal.

I will leave you with this practice.

  • Take a moment and close your eyes
  • Put your hand on your belly and feel the rise and fall of your breath
  • As you do notice how you hand begins to sink deeper into your stomach, little by little
  • As you feel this shift realize that just as your hand progresses downward, your breath deepens and so does your awareness
  • If any thoughts come up, put mental sticky notes of what they are and come back to your practice
  • Start with 3 minutes and work your way to 15.

That’s all I have for now, and I hope this has made you more aware of where you are right now.

Much love,




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Luis Rivera Jr

Luis Rivera Jr

A man learning everything he can about the human condition so he can help others find their way in their lives.