Hello Darkness My Old Friend

When are we truly ready?

In the past few weeks to start this year, I could say I have walked some pretty dark parts of my heart and my life. There has been a lot of trusts broken and in many ways a lot of frustrations that have hit my soul. To the point that I have had to shed quite a few tears and wondered, ok since this is not the road what next?

The reason I began writing on this platform or at all was to start filtering out the expressiveness that many feel they need to hide. Social media is a place of plentiful advice and people telling you how to live. It is one thing to give ideas, and it is another thing to be a social liar or propagator of a fake persona. We all have our sins, our mask and even our monuments that we fortify to appear bulletproof.

The sad fact of this all is that when you can have the same extremism with vulnerability. I have seen social circles that are built on “I am going to be vulnerable for a moment.” Oh really? What were you the other 20–100 post? Now, this is not written to trash or bash anyone, but more of the aspect to call into action what I have been doing for myself.

The main focus of my past few weeks into this year has been on my intelligence in the emotional, physical and cognitive manners. They have been areas of developmental inexperience in a good chunk of my life. While I have muscled through much of it, there have been areas of healing that needed to happen, or I would not be able to enhance my relationships. Here are the practices I have begun implementing as of the turn of the year.

Mindfulness: I have been practicing mindfulness for over 500 days now, and continue to do so every day if not multiple times a day. From meditations to sitting with my thoughts. It helps me see how to be better with every one I get in touch with during my day.

Brain training: It doesn’t matter if I am writing a term paper or practice on Lumosity. Enhancing different aspects of flexibility and skills are areas we all need and I continue to improve now which up to 50% compared to when I started.

Prayer: We all need it, we all should be praying and helping one another develop spiritually, and if we don’t we leave a lot on the table.

Nutrition: Enhancing how we are present requires a balance of body focus and control from proper fuel sources.

Sleep: We all need it, and most do not get enough of it. Quality sleep has become very deeply important, and I notice a massive change in my resilience if I do not get enough.

Light: We all need light to produce hormones and vitamins. If we do not get enough of it, we end up on the spectrum of chaos without knowing it. Poor light sourcing causes you to die early, and more studies lead us to believe that most who die suddenly or through other mental health challenges can find causation of symptoms towards light pollution and lack of nature.

That is how I have made it to where I am today, and while not every day is going to be perfect. I know for a fact that as long as I keep building on those pillars I will continue to grow significantly towards a better version of myself. Give some of these a try and feel free to let me know how you do.

Stay well,


A man learning everything he can about the human condition so he can help others find their way in their lives.

A man learning everything he can about the human condition so he can help others find their way in their lives.